Unit Book List

Age 7-9 - Concept 5: Math

Unit 1: Multiplication and Division I

  • Divide and Ride by Stuart J. Murphy
  • The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang

Unit 2: Place Value

Unit 3: Measurement

  • Millions to Measure by David M. Schwartz

Unit 4: Multiplication and Division II

  • The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang

Unit 5: Area and Perimeter

  • Perimeter, Area, and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions by David A. Adler
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs for All: A Mathematical Story by Marilyn Burns

Unit 6: Fractions

  • A Fraction's Goal—Parts of a Whole by Brian P. Cleary

Unit 7: Geometry

Unit 8: Graphing Data

Unit 9: Skills Review