Moving Beyond the Page Works for Teachers

As a teacher in a distance learning school you have unique needs, and Moving Beyond the Page is designed to meet them.

Secular Curriculum, Designed for Distance Learning, Based on Standards

Finding curriculum that works for independent study schools can be difficult. Most secular curriculum that is based on standards has been written for a trained teacher and a class of 25 students. Most curriculum written for independent study is religious or not based on standards. Moving Beyond the Page is a secular curriculum, written specifically for independent study, and is based on Common Core, state, and national standards — just what you have been looking for.

Online Access to Your Students' Curriculum

It is common for teachers in a distance learning school to have between 20 and 40 students. Often these students are in different grades, and they may even use different curricula. It isn't practical to keep full copies of 20 different curricula handy, so Moving Beyond the Page offers online access to every level of our curriculum for teachers. If you have a student using a paid version of Moving Beyond the Page (online or hard copy), you can receive this access at no additional cost. Having easy access to the curriculum can help you in several ways:

  • When your student asks for help with an assignment, you can quickly look it up.
  • When your student turns in a paper, you can review the rubric to assess her work.
  • When your student is trying to understand a difficult concept, you can walk her through the lesson.

Teacher access is available at the following link:

Help With Student Placement

Your students will be best served if they are placed in the correct age level. Moving Beyond the Page is designed to give you and the students' parents the freedom to place children at the level that provides the approrpiate level of challenge. This is one reason we chose to name our levels after age ranges instead of grades. This gives parents and teachers the flexibility to place advanced students in higher levels and remedial students in lower levels without the stigma of moving up or down in grade level.

If you need additional help with student placement, we are happy to walk parents or teachers through this process and the placement assessment.

Teacher Training

Moving Beyond the Page is different than other curriculum, but it is easy to implement once you see how it is structured. We offer training sessions for teachers and parents to help you make the most effective use of your time in Moving Beyond the Page.

Helpful Links

These sample timelines will provide you with a general guideline for helping students finish our curriculum in a standard school year. Not all students will progress at the same rate, but this should give you place to start.