Parents Love Moving Beyond the Page

If you live in a state that offers distance learning options through a school district or state-sponsored school, you may have the opportunity to use Moving Beyond the Page through this school — often at little or no cost to you. Distance learning schools are increasing in popularity across the United States, and Moving Beyond the Page is currently being used in over 265 schools. Most of these schools are using Moving Beyond the Page because a parent like you requested it. If your school does not already offer Moving Beyond the Page, it is usually easy to get approved. (Teachers and curriculum directors love Moving Beyond the Page, too.)

Use Moving Beyond the Page through Your Distance Learning School

Moving Beyond the Page is a top choice for families choosing to educate their children through distance learning schools. The reasons are simple. Moving Beyond the Page does the following:

  • Provides a rigorous and engaging academic program,
  • Encourages critical thinking and creativity,
  • Promotes hands-on learning, and
  • Meets state and Common Core standards.

Many educators and families associate Common Core standards with rote drill, conformity, boring worksheets, and teaching to a test. Moving Beyond the Page offers a fresh approach. We cover the standards while also encouraging creativity and critical thinking. You won't find endless worksheets. You will find literature-based activities that engage children in learning.

What Is a Distance Learning School?

Distance learning schools go by many different names:

  • Charter Schools,
  • Alternative Learning Schools,
  • Distance Learning Schools,
  • Distance Education Schools,
  • Correspondence Schools, or
  • Remote Learning Schools.
These schools operate in different states under different rules and laws. As a general rule these schools will help you do the following:
  • Choose a curriculum,
  • Administer testing to your children,
  • Assign a teacher that will help and support your child, and
  • Provide partial or full financial assistance for curriculum and education related lessons.

How Do I Know If Moving Beyond the Page Is Approved at My School?

In most instances, you can just ask your contact teacher or the school administration. If they are not familiar with Moving Beyond the Page, you can usually request it. If you would prefer, you can contact us, and we will contact the school for you. Because of the high standards of our curriculm, becoming an approved curriculum vendor is usually a simple process.

Helpful Links for Parents

  • Curriculum Overview
    Choose an age level to watch a video overview and decide which level is the right fit for your child.
  • Choosing an Age Level
    Start with the general guidelines, or use the placement tests if you still have questions.
  • Getting Started
    The Getting Started area of our website contains lots of helpful information for first time and veteran users of Moving Beyond the Page. It contains the following:
    • Videos that walk you through how to use Moving Beyond the Page,
    • Links that enable you to print the state standards covered during the year,
    • Online access to materials lists,
    • Printable spelling worksheets, and
    • Printable review sheets for each unit.

These sample timelines will provide you with a general guideline for helping students finish our curriculum in a standard school year. Not all students will progress at the same rate, but this should give you place to start.