A Great Choice for Principals and Curriculum Directors

Moving Beyond the Page is a great choice for distance learning schools. Our curriculum was designed not only for distance learners but also for distance learning schools.

Secular Curriculum, Designed for Distance Learning, Based on Standards

Finding curriculum that works for distance learning schools can be difficult. Most secular curriculum that is based on standards has been written for a trained teacher and a class of 25 students. It can be difficult to make this work for independent study. Most curriculum written for distance learning is religious or not based on standards. Moving Beyond the Page is a secular curriculum, written specifically for distance learning, and is based on Common Core, state, and national standards.

Bulk Seat License

If you are looking to cut your curriculum costs, you can sign up for one of our bulk seat licenses. By committing to a minimum number of licenses over the year, you can receive discounts on your curriculum and a single price per student that helps you plan your curriculum costs as more students sign up for your school.