Schedule Your School Year

Moving Beyond the Page has a very flexible structure that is easy to use and easy to adapt around a number of different schedules — or no schedule at all.

Do You Need A Schedule?

Many families find that they don't need a schedule with Moving Beyond the Page. If you finish one lesson each day in each of the subject areas, you will finish the age level in about the same time as a traditional school year. There are a few buffer days built into each unit to account for various field trips and other situations that life invariably throws your way.

Flexible Online Schedule

If you prefer use our online scheduling app, use the following links to learn more about it, or start using it.

Four and Five Day Homeschool Schedules

If you prefer to use a schedule but would like something simpler than an online schedule, you can use one of our printable schedules. We have three types of printable schedules available. Any of these schedules can be easily adapted for either nine-month or year-round homeschooling. Just plan out your weeks and write in the dates you plan to finish each week.

  • Five-Day Schedule
    One lesson each day, five days per week, for a 36-week school year.
  • Four-Day Schedule
    A little more than one lesson each day, four days per week, for a 36-week school year.
  • Relaxed Four-Day Schedule
    One lesson each day, four days per week. Extra days are added to the end of the school year.