Beyond Roots and Beyond Roots II

How to Play




Match root word cards with their corresponding English cards while improving accuracy and speed.


1 Player


  • Beyond Roots or Beyond Roots II card deck
  • Two index Cards

Before You Begin

Each deck of cards contains three different sets of cards:

  • Set 1,
  • Set 2, and
  • Set 3.
Before you begin, separate the deck into the three sets (Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3). Begin working with Set 1. Once you have mastered Set 1, work with Set 2 and then with Set 3.

Once you have worked with each set separately (and taken the corresponding Learning Gates quizzes), you can combine the sets and play each game using two sets or using all of the cards.

How to Play Basic Version
  1. Separate the set of cards into root word and English word piles. Shuffle each separate pile.
  2. Place each card from the root word pile face up in a vertical line so that each subsequent card covers the bottom of the card above it. (See image...) When you get to the last root word card, put a blank index card over its bottom. You should be able to clearly read each word but not view any of the symbols at the bottom.
  3. Repeat Step 2 with the cards from the English word pile. Put this line to the right of the line of root word cards.
  4. Start with the top root word card. Pull it out and then pull out its matching English word card.
  5. If the symbols on the bottom right are the same, your match is good and you can set the cards aside.
  6. If the symbols do not match, put the English card back and try again to find the correct match.
  7. Move the cards on the English word line up as needed to cover any symbols showing.
  8. Repeat Step 4 with the new top root word card. Continue until all the cards are matched.
Note: You can also place the English words on the left and match them with root words on the right.

Basic Play
Advanced Play
  • (Traditional Concentration) Shuffle all of the cards in the set and place them facedown in a 6 x 3 or 5 x 5 array (depending on the number of cards in the set). Turn over two cards. If they match, remove them from the array. If they don’t, turn the cards back over and turn over two more cards. Repeat until all cards have been matched.
  • You can also play a timed version of either the Basic or Concentration versions. Set a timer and see how many matches you can make in a certain amount of time.
  • Play the Basic or Concentration versions using two sets of cards. If you can play concentration with all three sets (56 cards), then you’re a concentration genius!

Advanced Play