Beyond Roots and Beyond Roots II

Beyond Roots (used in the Age 10-12 Albert Einstein unit) is a deck of cards featuring common Latin, Greek, and English roots and their meanings. Students use the cards to play games to help them learn the roots' meanings. Beyond Roots II (used in the Age 11-13 Greek Myths unit) is a separate deck of cards that features more advanced roots. Both decks are used to play the same games.

In addition to the card decks, users of Moving Beyond the Page can also access online quizzes that are designed to test students' knowledge of the roots and their ability to use the roots in everyday usage.

Students will play three different games with Beyond Roots:

  • Memory,
  • Root Recall, and
  • Go Root!

Versions of our curriculum printed before July 2021 will reference a different game called Rummy Roots or More Roots. If you have a version of our curriculum published before July 2021, click here to download the updated activities.

How to Play

Online Roots Quizzes