We used MBTP for four years, grades 4-8. My son and I cannot more highly recommend this curriculum. If I could have designed my own program, MBTP would have been what I would have created. I first found out about MBTP from my son's advisor at Columbia Virtual Academy, where they have many students who use the curriculum.

MBTP is an outstanding literature-based program which respects the needs of students and their individual learning styles and utilizes an active learning project-based approach that makes learning fun and meaningful. I appreciate that this program is cross-curricular, research-based, closely aligned with state and national standards, requires minimal parent prep time, and has excellent parent-teacher instruction. With each increasing level, the student becomes more independent until by middle school the lessons are written directly to the student, which my son really liked and it helped him develop into a successful independent learner. More importantly, he ALWAYS looked forward to his lessons, which was not the case with any other curriculum we encountered in ten years of schooling at home. As a parent, I felt empowered as I became the facilitator of daily discussions and critical thinking seminars and the co-learning participant in a great variety of cool activities and science labs.
I also only have good things to say about the level of professionalism of their materials and their customer service. Whenever I have emailed, someone has always gotten back to me within a day or two and usually in less than a few hours on weekdays.

The only issues I have had are the occasional backordered item, or, this year only, delay of materials since it was the first year that the Age 12-14 level curriculum was available.

My only caveat for recommending MBTP would be that this is not a program that has daily spiraling review of concepts, like Saxon. So if someone has a child needing that extreme level of repetition to learn concepts, then the parent would need to use the provided Unit Review pages for supplemental instruction. Also, in every lesson there are two options for most of the assignments, so parents wanting more review could utilize the unused student pages for later reinforcement. For my son, who needed a lot of review with higher level grammar concepts, we created a grammar section of his L.A. folder where were kept the MBTP Writing Handbook and additional handouts that he encountered throughout the year, and he then reviewed these concepts before Unit Tests.

Also, here is some feedback that I sent to MBTP when my son first started using the curriculum:
'For the last month my just-turned-12-year-old son has been using the MBTP level 9-11 online curriculum. We both LOVE your program! Also, my son has produced the best written work EVER and we've both really enjoyed the readings, discussions, and learning activities. I think he's learned more in the last few weeks with MBTP than he's learned in the last two years using a rigorous classical unit study curriculum. Furthermore, my son, who has always hated doing "seat work" and finds writing excruciatingly difficult, is now ASKING every morning for everyone else to get off the computer so he can do his MBTP lessons INDEPENDENTLY! Astoundingly, he has completed the Language Arts and Social Studies written study pages without complaint and composed many different poems for his Poetry Unit. Integrating the writing assignments, activities, and projects with the correlated readings has allowed him to grow as a learner and really helped him to understand the material and make connections across the curriculum. And I've been able for the first time to accurately evaluate his comprehension and skills because he's doing most of the work by himself. Best of all, he is finding great joy in his studies and is very proud of his newly discovered abilities. He has already decided that MBPT is the curriculum he wants to use for the next three years of middle school and he has told me, "I'm so happy I get to use this fun curriculum that really makes me think!" I am absolutely stunned by his transformation!'

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