We (My 6 year old and I) are now on our 3rd concept with Moving Beyond The Page. We began a "trial" using the 5-7 Patterns concept, and by the end of the first unit, I was so impressed that I went ahead and purchased the last 5-7 concept and the entire 6-8 year. Throughout every concept we study, my son is quite literally "moving beyond the page." he is consistantly discussing and applying the lessons learned in school, to his daily life "outside" of the classroom. So many of the projects presented are meaningful, memorable, and things I would have never thought to have him do. (Like when my son was asked to interview an immigrant about their life outside of America) Having everything organized and ready to go has taken so much stress off of my shoulders, that I am able to enjoy teaching and focus on the execution over the planning. We will absolutely continue to use moving beyond the page for as long as it is available to us, and I am looking forward to my youngest son starting K so we can give the 4-5 level a go!

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