Self Directed Curriculum

I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the curriculum created by Moving Beyond the Page. I homeschool my three boys — Michael (11 y/o), Chris (9 y/o) and Charlie (7 y/o) — in addition to caring for my 2 year old daughter. I believe that one of the curriculum benefits critical for our family is that it's largely self-directed. So many other curriculums fall short in this category. Not only does it free up my schedule, it teaches my boys to take responsibility, read instruction, develop self-teaching abilities, and carry through on an assignment without being micromanaged — critical tools for future success in life! While I homeschool 100%, I am associated with a local charter school, which provides, among other benefits, the ability to monitor my students' progress. They recently participated in a lengthy state exam — without preparing for it or taking a practice test. The results were even beyond my expectations. Michael performed at a high school level on all subjects. Chris and Charlie tested two grade levels higher in math, and at a middle school to high school level in all remaining subjects. I personally do not put a lot of weight on these state tests, but it provides peace of mind to know that they are performing way beyond state requirements.

My boys have enjoyed the variety of the curriculum — the special assignments, the fun experiments, the creative approach to learning new concepts — and it's this interest that motivates them, and increases their willingness to learn. Education should be enjoyable, and MBTP makes that a reality! I am sold on the idea of a literature based curriculum, with supplemental research sourced from encyclopedias, the internet, and library materials. In comparison, textbook and worksheet curriculums seem canned and limiting. There is something brilliant in the design of MBTP's approach that has my boys evaluating, deducing, and creating at a level beyond their years; I am simply amazed at their progress.

Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel for the impact that the creators of Moving Beyond the Page has made on our family. I hope you find satisfaction in knowing the difference you are making in the lives of those students participating in your curriculum!

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