I wish I could say that I am 100% satisfied with our 4-5 and 9-11 curriculum's, but we are not. I will say that the customer service has been prompt to respond to questions and concerns, not always polite or thorough, but quick nonetheless.

Pros on the 4-5;
-There is a separate parent manual.
-There are plenty of prepackaged crafts.

Cons on the 4-5;
-Daily lessons are very repetitive.
-Lessons and sight words are a bit simplified. i.e instead of a daily sight word, we look for one word the entire week.

Pros on the 9-11;
-There are options for some of the lessons; a basic assignment, or a more in-depth one.
-The units and literature all correlate nicely.

Cons on the 9-11;
-The parent overview is in the back of every unit book, which means there is a lot of back and forth flipping through the book, or you will have to pay to have it removed and separately bound. (at a price of over $800 for this curriculum, I find this highly inconvenient)
-The questions are setup to be answered vaguely, so there is no real way for the parent or the student to determine progress. (this is very frustrating to my child who likes to see a grade)
-For each lesson, the student must heavily rely on the internet or an encyclopedia instead of learning facts through the curriculum.
-When asked, my child cannot list one feature about this curriculum that she enjoys.

Overall, this is a nice literature based program that would be a great approach if one were to start from a very early age. However, it is definitely NOT for students transitioning from public school who are not completely independent workers. I would not recommend this curriculum to family or friends who have never home schooled before.

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