I love this program for many reasons. My top reason is that it keeps my children engaged, and they love to learn about the topics of discussion. THe projects are fun and not expensive on my part, yet they help to solidify the topic of study in a hands on way. FOr multiple students I was able to incorporate the 2 years because the concepts run consecutively, getting harder as the age progresses. I had to do a bit of creative rearranging, but it was feasible. Also it is a no-brainer for me which I need with 4 children being schooled. I don't have the time it takes to put together a creative and fully comprehensive curriculum. The format of the lesson plans allows me to pull out the book on sunday and prepare for the week in about 30 min. That right there was enough to sell me. I tried one year with no curriculum and put everything together on my own, but i was always wondering if i had missed something they needed, or I was lacking in creativity, or not enough work. THis program simplified it so that everything they learned was broken down for me so I could just show my husband this is what they learned-so easy! THere are so many ways to use this curriculum, you never have to feel boxed in.

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