I just wanted to say that my family has used MBTP for several years, and between three children, we've used every level available so far. My oldest is now beginning high school, and though we are sad to leave this curriculum for a new adventure in home schooling, I just had to share some recent discoveries I've made. In preparing a literature curriculum for her high school years, I have studied the educational standards of a variety of states, including the recent (and hotly debated)Common Core. I have found that my children (even the rising 3rd grader) already meet nearly every English/language/reading standard listed for high schoolers. The levels of comprehension and critical thinking that they have learned and are still learning through MBTP is simply astonishing. Yet even on our toughest days, it isn't a struggle. In fact, we sometimes find ourselves wondering if we really are learning enough because the curriculum is so accessible and well-planned that it feels so easy! But our standardized test scores and the learning standards we meet beg to differ. My children are not only consistently meeting every standard in English for their grade levels, but are most often above their grade levels by a large margin. So, thanks, MBTP. You have made school fun and rewarding for us for 5 years now and we are looking forward to even more in the future!

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