I am using the complete curriculum (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science) with my own 3 children this school year and find my kids to be thoroughly engaged, self-directed and enthusiastic throughout each unit of study. They take pride in their work and look forward to demonstrating the knowledge and skills they have learned through the unit final projects. Their writing skills have improved tremendously as they are writing on a daily basis and completing creative assignments that are so enjoyable, the kids take on the challenge with little complaint! They also appreciate that the curriculum offers options, giving them choices in which assignments they may select for various activities. National standards create a framework for this literature (both fiction and non-fiction) and writing-based, critical thinking curriculum—a perfect match for the new rigors of the Common Core standards! As a teacher and librarian, I endorse this curriculum wholeheartedly as a program that creates knowledge and positive learning patterns for lifelong education!

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