Hi there! I just had to take a few minutes and write a comment. My son is 12 yrs old, but is developmentally delayed, mildly autistic, and severely epileptic with functional brain damage from seizures. Let's just say finding a curriculum that works for him and with him is no small task. Last year we used the 7-9 level for a period of time, but I felt like he was missing something so we stopped and moved onto another option. Well about a year later, I became clear on what was "missing". There was no fighting, no complaining no stress, that is all that was missing. I thought because he was willingly doing his school work for the first time ever that it was too easy. In hindsight it was that he was engaged and enjoying what he was doing. Needless to say I ordered the 8-10 level for him a couple weeks ago. We ordered the online version and I couldn't be happier. A few days ago the kits and books came in the mail and I am just so impressed with the quality and simplicity of the materials. None of this is busy work. It is all meaningful, enjoyable "work" for him. He is once again engaged and not fighting with me about his work. I am so very glad and thankful to have this option for my amazing son, so thank you for making this available! This curriculum has been life changing for us and I am so grateful! My son just finished drawing a fishbowl as an example of an ecosystem. He is very delayed in fine motor skills, so drawing and writing are usually a fight, but he was happy and excited to do it and even made up a story to go with his picture!! Thanks again!

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