Genetics and DNA
Age 12-14: Concept 2 - Semester 2: Unit 1

In this unit, your child will be introduced to DNA. He will explore the role of genetics in heredity and the value of variation within a community. Punnett squares and pedigrees will be used to predict and track genetic change over time. He will also learn about cloning and the controversies that exists around this process.

Other Items You May Need

The Age 12-14 semester 2 science units require materials from the Semester 2 Science Kit.
$58.50 #1808 Age 12-14 - Semester 2 Science Kit


  • Able to read and comprehend novels at an 8th or 9th grade reading level
  • Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic
  • Can write a five-paragraph essay
  • Usually used by children in the seventh or eighth grade

Table of Contents

  • Lesson 1: The Importance of DNA
  • Lesson 2: Inheritance
  • Lesson 3: Generations, Probability, and Change (2 Days)
  • Lesson 4: Reproduction and Change (2 Days)
  • Lesson 5: From Generation to Generation
  • Lesson 6: Diversity and Adaptation
  • Lesson 7: Inheritance and Environment (2 Days)
  • Lesson 8: Cloning
  • Final Project: A New Organism (4 Days)

Summary of Skills

Moving Beyond the Page is based on state and national standards. These standards are covered in this unit.
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