Social Studies Package - Australia and Oceania


In this unit, you'll explore Australia and Oceania as well as the polar regions of our planet. You'll learn about Aboriginal Australians by reading their stories, considering their history, and learning about their modern lives. You'll explore the wildlife of Australia, the breathtaking natural environment of New Zealand, the impact of tourism on the island nations of the Pacific, and the extreme climates of the North and South Poles.

In your final project, you'll create an art and performance-based celebration of Australia or create a plan and model for a museum to educate the public about Australia and Oceania.

NOTE: The Timeline of Ancient Civilization and Ancient Civilization Timeline Cards are required for this unit.

This package includes free online curriculum access for 18 months.

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11-13 - 1_3 - SS - Australia and Oceania
by Kathryn L. Wall, Ph.D.


Stories from the Billabong
by James Vance Marshall and Francis Firebrace