Fossil Excavation Mini Kit


This exciting kit allows you to experience the fun and discovery of geology on a small, home-friendly scale. Included are a digging tool, a dusting brush, a magnifying lens, and one excavation block, which contains 2 real fossils, awaiting your diligent digging. The contents of your unique excavation block will remain a mystery until you extract them, but possibilities include Sea Urchin, Brachiopod, Crinoid Stem, Gastropod, Coral, Sand Dollar, Shark Tooth, or Clam! Turn your kitchen table into a dig site and uncover the remnants of the past with this great kit!


Allows you to excavate 2 real fossils.
Includes digging tool, dusting brush, magnifying lens, and one excavation block.
Educational and interactive geological fun.
Printed fossil guide included.

Sku #: 646

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