Concept 2 - Diversity and Interdependence Package


Dive into an ocean adventure, and explore the amazing diversity of marine life. Understand the forces behind waves and currents. Experience the struggles that immigrants experienced as they came to America through first hand accounts and through literature. Appreciate the unique nature of the many different biomes, and learn about the interdependence that enables each of them to exist.

Literature units are designed to be taught in conjunction with a corresponding science or social studies unit.

*You may also want to purchase the Timeline of American History, which is used in several Age 9-11 units.

Package Includes

  • 3 Complete science / social studies units
  • 3 Complete language arts units
  • All required books
  • ~ 9 weeks of interdisciplinary curriculum


  • The Living Seas (S)
  • The Cay (LA)
  • Immigration (SS)
  • A House of Tailors (LA)
  • Biomes (S)
  • My Side of the Mountain (LA)

This package includes free online curriculum access for 18 months.

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What Is Included


9-11 - 2_1 - LA - The Cay
by Kim A. Howe, M.S.
9-11 - 2_1 - S - The Living Seas
by Kim A. Howe, M.S.
9-11 - 2_2 - SS - Immigration
by Kim A. Howe, M.S.
9-11 - 2_3 - S - Biomes
by Kim A. Howe, M.S.


A House of Tailors
by Patricia Reilly Giff
Biomes and Ecosystems
by Barbara J. Davis
Coral Reef Food Chains
by Kelley Macauley
Immigrant Kids
by Russell Freeedman
My Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George
Oceans for Every Kid
by Janice VanCleave
The Cay
by Theodore Taylor