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Age 8-10 Math Manipulatives Package

... goes well with the curriculum only packages.
$77.35 List Price: $85.00
This package contains the manipulatives used with the Age 8-10 level math curriculum.

The following items are included in this kit. This list is subject to change.

  • deck of playing cards
  • fine point dry-erase markers
  • geared clock
  • index cards
  • Interactive Notebook
  • laminated place value mat
  • number cards
  • whiteboard
  • counters
  • dice
  • laminated 100 chart
  • multiplication flashcards
  • colored tiles
  • construction paper
  • drinking straws
  • geoboard
  • laminated dot paper
  • protractor
  • rubber bands
  • ruler
  • symmetry mirror
  • laminated grid
  • set of double-nine dominoes
  • laminated fraction chart
  • laminated fraction strips
  • 3" x 3" cards
  • laminated "King Henry" sheet
  • laminated grid paper
  • Matching Time cards
  • ruler or tape measure
  • laminated graph paper
  • laminated number line
Sku #: 2625

Age 8-10 Videos

Learn more about the Age 8-10 level, see what makes it unique, and look at many of the projects you will finish over the year.
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