Unit Study - Mathematical Change (/Online 2018 Edition)

by Kim A. Howe, M.S.

This unit will let your child explore measurements of time, including calendar time and clock time. She will practice writing and counting numbers to sixty and will learn to count by fives. She will explore units of time and identify which units are appropriate for measuring a variety of events. In addition, she will learn about how to show change using graphs.

Note: This unit will not teach your child how to tell time on a clock with hands. This skill is covered in detail in next year's curriculum. The focus of this unit is for your child to begin to understand the concept of time and the different ways time can be measured (minutes, days, months, and years). Students are only expected to be able to tell time to the hour at this point. However, students can begin learning to tell time (to the five-minute) if they are ready to do so.

This option provides online access to the Mathematical Change curriculum as it was sold between 2011 and 2018. You will also need the required literature for this unit.

Note that this option is only for customers who need the earlier edition of the unit. A newer edition of the unit is also available.

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