O, Say Can you See?

by Sheila Keenan

This picture book celebrates and explains America's symbols, landmarks, and important words in lively, brief text and bright, humorous illustrations.

There are stars-and-stripes T-shirts. There are Statue of Liberty pencil sharpeners and Uncle Sam Halloween costumes. Patriotic symbols are everywhere...but where do they come from? What do they mean?

Now in paperback, this celebration of twenty of America's important places, interesting objects, and inspiring words is for the youngest Americans. Including Plymouth Rock, the White House, the flag, the bald eagle, and many more, this book draws kids in with its big, two-page spreads and fun, bright pastels and satisfies their curiosities about America's most prominent symbols.

Sku #: 2254
ISBN: 978-0439593601

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O, Say Can You See?
by Sheila Keenan