Age 6-8 Full Year Math Package

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Everything you need for a year of homeschooling instruction in math.

Package Includes

  • Parent Manuals
  • Student Activity Books
  • Interactive Notebook
  • All required literature
  • Math Materials kit
  • Online access to Learning Gates math quizzes

This package includes free online access to your curriculum, Learning Gates, and Portfolio for 18 months.

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Learn More About Age 6-8

Age 6-8 Videos

Learn more about the Age 6-8 level, see what makes it unique, and look at many of the projects you will finish over the year.
5 minutes
Unboxing Age 6-8
See everything that is included in the Age 6-8 Full Year Package.
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What Is Included

Age 6-8 Full Year Math Package


6-8 - Math - Interactive Notebook
by Caroline Eidson, PhD.


Earth Day Hooray
by Stuart J. Murphy and Renee Andriani
Grandfather Tang's Story
by Ann Tompert
Lemonade for Sale
by Stuart J. Murphy
Mission Addition
by Loreen Leedy
More or Less
by Stuart J. Murphy
Subtraction Action
by Loreen Leedy
The Coin Counting Book
by Roxanne Lanczak Williams
The Greedy Triangle
by Marilyn Burns