Paco, A Latino Boy in the United States
by Margarita Mobleda, Danilo Ramirez
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Paco, a 10-year-old boy, born into a Latino family that recently migrated to the USA, writes his autobiography to comply with a school assignment. He tells us about his homesickness and his fears, but he also speaks of his happiness and optimism. Paco's story, his refreshingly direct style, and his humor-filled thoughts pay tribute to a culture distinguished by imagination, sensitivity, drive to succeed, ability to dream, and courage to face new challenges. Readers both big and small will doubtlessly be able to identify with Paco and his story. As in all her previous works, renowned Mexican author Margarita Robleda promotes with this book cultural and racial pride, persistence and determination to achieve personal goals, multiculturalism, and family ties.
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by Margarita Mobleda, Danilo Ramirez


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