The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need

by Susan Thurman

Everyone wants to produce writing that is clear, concise, and grammatically accurate, but getting to that point is not always easy. If you've ever had difficulty finding the right phrase to complete a simple sentence or have struggled to put a complicated thought into words, The Only Grammar and Style Workbook You'll Ever Need is for you.

In this book, grammar savant Susan Thurman guides you through the complexities of spelling, usage, and style in the English language. Her comprehensive drills show you how to:

  • Find the right words
  • Identify the parts of speech
  • Recognize elements of a good sentence
  • Avoid common grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • Write clearly and directly
With more than 150 exercises and in-depth lessons, this workbook will quickly become your go-to resource for all your writing needs

Sku #: 2104
ISBN: 978-1440530067

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The Only Grammar & Style Workbook You'll Ever Need