Complete Cycles Package


Discover the amazing life cycle of living things. Watch caterpillars turn into butterflies right before your eyes. Follow a drop of water around the world as he follows the water cycle through time and over continents. Apply basic rules of economics as you become an entrepreneur of specialty popcorn in the marketplace.

Package Includes

  • 3 complete science / social studies units
  • 3 complete language arts units
  • All required books
  • Butterfly kit
  • Owl pellet dissection kit
  • ~ 9 weeks of interdisciplinary curriculum


  • Life Cycles (S)
  • Poppy (LA)
  • The Water Cycle (S)
  • Charlotte's Web (LA)
  • Economic Cycles (SS)
  • The Family Under the Bridge (LA)

This package includes free online curriculum access for 18 months.

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What Is Included


7-9 - 3_1 - S - Lifecycles
Kim A. Howe, M.S.


A Drop Around the World
by Barbara McKinney, Michael S. Maydak
Charlotte's Web
by E.B. White, Garth Williams
If You Made a Million
by David M. Schwartz, Steven Kellogg
by Avi
Punctuation Celebration
by Elsa Knight Bruno
The Family Under the Bridge
by Natalie Savage Carlson and Garth Williams
What Is a Life Cycle?
by Bobby Kalman
Who Eats What?
by Patricia Lauber, Holly Keller