Social Studies Unit - The Antebellum West (/Online)

by Kathryn L. Wall, Ph.D.

In this unit on American history, you will learn about events occurring in the 1800s prior to the Civil War in the antebellum West. You will begin by reading about the United States's earliest presidents and the beginnings of the Westward Expansion. Discover well-known historical figures involved in the expansion westward including the explorers Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark. The unit explains how the U.S. acquired the Northwest and Louisiana Territories, and it covers the War of 1812, the Indian Removal Act, and the Mexican-American War that established the southern border of Texas. You will end the unit by learning about the California Gold Rush and the movement of pioneers along the Oregon Trail.

For your final project, you will place yourself in the shoes of a fictional pioneer. Your goal will be to draw on historical information and make use of images and text to reveal your pioneer's journey westward.

NOTE: The American History Timeline and American History Timeline Cards are required for this unit. This unit also requires the use of the DVD called America: The Story of US.

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