Social Studies Unit - Revolution

by Kathryn L. Wall, Ph.D.

In this historical unit, you will read about the earliest days of the colonization of North America leading up to the independence movement and the formation of the United States of America. You will begin by learning about the founding of the colonies and the main reasons why people chose to leave Europe for North America. This unit also covers important historical events like the landing of the Mayflower as well as the types of colonies and the differences among the economies of the northern, middle, and southern colonies. You will also study and read about the system of taxation that led to the American Revolution including key historical events like the Boston Tea Party. Towards the end of the unit, you will discover the history of the formation of the independence movement, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, and the ending of the American Revolution at the Battle of Yorktown.

For the final project, you will teach others about this period in history by dressing up as a historical figure, set in a specific colony, to dramatize the life of that individual. This living history presentation can be combined with the language arts unit on Abigail Adams to create a larger final project performance.

NOTE: The American History Timeline and American History Timeline Cards are required for this unit.

NOTE: The video series America: The Story of US is required for this unit and can be accessed online at various streaming sites.

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Social Studies Unit - Revolution


12-14 - 1_1 - SS - Revolution
by Kathryn L. Wall, Ph.D.

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