Science Unit - Microbiology and Cell Theory

by Steven D. Wall, M.A.

The human body is made up of trillions of cells, and in this unit you will learn about this most basic and microscopic unit of organisms. You will begin by learning cell theory before exploring the various parts of plant and animal cells. The unit then moves into more a detailed description of each cell type including eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. You will also come to understand each stage in the process of cell division known as mitosis. The unit ends with an explanation of how diseases are spread and how they negatively affect the health of cells.

This final project allows you to rely upon your knowledge of infectious disease to examine microscope slides of microbes and diagnose the presence of a specific illness. You will create a model of the microbe you are researching and share your ideas on how to prevent its transmission.

This unit requires the use of the Age 12-14 - Semester 1 - Science Kit which contains the Microbiology and Cell Theory coloring book.

This package includes free online access to your curriculum, Learning Gates, and Portfolio for 18 months.

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Science Unit - Microbiology and Cell Theory



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