Science Unit - Chemical Reactions

by Steven D. Wall, M.A., Karen Brown, M.A.

Learn about the nature of atoms and elements in this unit on the chemical and physical properties of matter. Find out how chemical reactions alter substances, and discover the names of important chemical processes like combustion and oxidation. This unit also explains how the pH levels of acids and bases are measured, and it defines the main terms used to describe the physical and chemical properties of matter. You will learn how scientific arguments are created using claims and evidence, and you will end the unit by exploring the difference between synthetic and natural substances.

For the final project, you will be able to practice your ability to evaluate evidence and make value judgments about the nature of chemical substances. The project asks you to play the role of a drug-company CEO who must analyze a pharmaceutical drug and make a case to investors for why the drug should or should not be produced.

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Science Unit - Chemical Reactions


12-14 - 1_2 - S - Chemical Reactions
by Steven D. Wall, M.A.

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