Concept 2 - Force and Power Package /Online


Appreciate the freedom that we experience in the United States by exploring our past and the wars that have been fought to grant freedom for all citizens and preserve our country. View the Civil War from a variety of unique perspectives using primary source documents. Explore the laws of physics that affect life on Earth, by examining how these laws affect athletic performance. Follow the life of Albert Einstein and see how his amazing insights into physics changed the world. Experience the fear of a Jewish family hiding out during Nazi occupation of Denmark and the bravery of those willing to risk everything to protect them.

This package requires the Age 10-12 - Semester 1 - Science Kit which is not included in the package.

Package Includes

  • 3 Complete Online Science / Social Studies Units
  • 3 Complete Online Literature Units
  • All required texts
  • Force and Motion Science Kit
  • Rummy Roots Card Game

Units Include

  • Slavery and the Civil War (SS)
  • Bull Run (LA)
  • Force and Motion (S)
  • Albert Einstein (LA)
  • World Wars I and II (SS)
  • Number the Stars (LA)

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What Is Included




Albert Einstein
by Kathleen Krull
Bull Run
by Paul Fleischman
Number the Stars
by Lois Lowry
Pink and Say
by Patricia Polacco
Where Poppies Grow
by Linda Granfield