Moving Beyond the Page offers three different choices for math. All three are fantastic programs that have been used successfully by many parents with Moving Beyond the Page. Select a program to learn more.

RightStart Math

  • Our recommended elementary curriculum
  • Incorporates a hands-on approach
  • Utilizes games instead of drill and repetition
  • Lots of manipulatives
  • More parent (teacher) intensive
  • Higher price point

Singapore Math

  • Most popular homeschool math program
  • More traditional in approach
  • Moderately priced
  • Includes some hands-on activities
  • Medium level of parent involvement

Life of Fred Math

  • Our recommended curriculum for middle and high school
  • Engaging approach to math curriculum
  • Good for kids that like to read and work independently
  • Not much drill and repetition
  • Not a hands-on curriculum
  • Many families use parts of the elementary level as a math supplement


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