Greek Myths
Age 11-13: Concept 2 - Semester 2: Unit 1

Explore a tremendous world of Greek gods and goddesses, larger than life heroes, strange creatures, and far away realms. Through the mysterious and fantastical myths of King Zeus, his extended family, and children, you will learn how the Greeks tried to make sense of the natural world around them. Hercules, Perseus, and Helen of Troy are a few of the amazing heroes you will discover.

Throughout this unit, you will play a fun card game to help you learn common Greek and Latin roots. After learning about the characteristics of a Greek myth, you will rewrite a traditional Greek myth with your own modern twist.


  • Able to read and comprehend novels at a late 7th or 8th grade reading level
  • Able to write multiple paragraphs on a topic
  • Familiar with the five-paragraph essay
  • Usually used by children in the seventh grade.

Table of Contents

  • Lesson 1: Ancient Greece
  • Lesson 2: The Gods and Goddesses (3 Days)
  • Lesson 3: The Stories
  • Lesson 4: Minor Gods, Nymphs, Satyrs, and Centaurs (2 Days)
  • Lesson 5: Mortal Descendants of Zeus
  • Lesson 6: Vainglorious Kings (3 Days)
  • Lesson 7: The Trojan War
  • Final Project: A New Twist on an Ancient Myth (3 Days)

Summary of Skills

Moving Beyond the Page is based on state and national standards. These standards are covered in this unit.
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