Age 4-5

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Age 4-5 Full Year Package
The Age 4-5 level provides a full year of curriculum for a child that is just beginning school. When combined with a reading program, this level fully covers the Common Core standards for kindergarten in math and language arts. It is also aligned with state and national standards in science and social studies.

The full-year package includes a parent manual, a student activity book, all required literature, and a comprehensive materials kit. Each child will require his or her own student activity book and materials kit.
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Add an Additional Student
Additional students need a copy of the student activity pages and a materials kit.
... for those using the hard-copy curriculum with a second student.

Curriculum, Literature, or Manipulatives
Purchase curriculum, manipulatives, and/or literature packages separately to fit your needs.
by Kim A. Howe, M.S., and Kelly Kirk

by Kim A. Howe, M.S., and Kelly Kirk

... just the literature books for those that already have the curriculum.


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