Age 12-14

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Full Year Package - S, SS, LA
Everything you need in one package. Just add math.
Age 12-14 Full Year Package
Everything you need for a year of homeschooling instruction in the following subjects:
  • Language Arts (vocabulary, grammar, writing, story elements, and figurative language),
  • Science, and
  • Social Studies (geography, history, government, and culture).
NOTE: The video series America: The Story of US is required for this level and can be accessed online at various streaming sites.
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  • sample lessons,
  • schedules,
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Additional Students
Each additional student will need a consumables package. Most families also appreciate an extra set of language arts readers.
... for those using the hard-copy curriculum with a second student.

... for those taking multiple children through the LA program at the same time.

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Purchase curriculum, manipulatives, and/or literature packages separately to fit your needs.

... goes well with the curriculum only packages.

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