Lesson 8: Changes

Wrapping Up


Review examples of prepositional phrases and the parts of a prepositional phrase: preposition, modifier(s), and object of the preposition.

Life Application

See if your parents have any old postcards from past vacations; if not, you might want to look at vacation pictures. Pictures and postcards are a great way to document and remember the places you have visited and what you did during your visit. It is like taking a virtual field trip!

Questions to Discuss

  • Retell the Bompie story about Bompie and his father. (When Bompie's father was old and sick Bompie went to visit him. Bompie was mad at his father for all the times he had given him a whippin'. He stayed for weeks. Then one day he went out and brought back an apple pie for his father and they both cried.)
  • Do you think "Cody is right when he says, maybe that's all anybody wants, to be useful. And to have somebody else notice it"? Why or why not?
  • What do you think Sophie meant when she wrote, "I feel as if there were things inside me that were safely tucked away...hidden under the floorboards. But it feels as if the boards were blown off by The Wave and things are floating away and I don't know where to put them"?

Things to Review

Review examples of prepositions and prepositional phrases. Ask your child to say two sentences aloud that each contain at least one prepositional phrase.

Special Notes

Materials: postcards and pictures from past vacations
Share postcards and/or pictures from vacations you have taken to places your child has not been to or would not remember. This is fun way to expose kids to geography and travel.