Lesson 7: The Storm

Getting Started

In today's chapters, the environment of the ocean changes drastically and so does the environment on board the ship.

Ideas to Think About

  • How does the environment affect people's emotions?
  • How do challenging circumstances change people?

Things to Know

  • A simile is comparison between two seemingly unrelated subjects, using the words "like" or "as."
  • Personification is when a writer gives inanimate objects, ideas, or animals human characteristics.


  • Explain and evaluate relationships that are temporal. (LA)
  • Analyze word choice using critical and evaluative processes. (LA)
  • Determine the impact of word choice on written and spoken language. (LA)
  • Determine the effect of literary devices on the reader. (LA)
  • Increase fluency, comprehension, and insight by reading and discussing literature. (LA)
  • Discuss and analyze the effects of figurative language. (LA)
  • Understand and explain the figurative and metaphorical use of words in context. (LA)

Introducing the Lesson

Ask your child to describe the voyage up to this point and the relationships among the characters. Explain that in today's reading, serious changes begin to occur.
Reading and Questions
Materials: The Wanderer by Sharon Creech
Read Chapters 36-50 and then answer the following questions in complete sentences:
  1. How has the environment outside the boat changed?
    The seas are rough and frightening with ferocious waves and wind.
  2. How has the environment on the boat changed?
    Everyone is working together to keep the boat afloat. The crew is scared but is being kind to one another and working well together.
  3. What happened to the sails of the boat?
    The wind ripped them.
  4. Do you think it was selfish of Sophie not to want to take the helm? Why or why not?
    Answers will vary.
Remember to fill out your "Character Timelines" sheet for these chapters.