Lesson 5: Under Way

Getting Started

In today's chapters you will learn more about the characters in the story and how the voyage is affecting them and their relationships.

Ideas to Think About

  • How does the environment affect people's emotions?

Things to Know

  • An adverb can modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," or "how much."
  • An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. Adjectives answer these questions: What kind is it? How many are there? Which one is it?
  • A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun.
  • A modifier describes other words, making the meaning of a word more specific. (Adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases are modifiers.)


  • Write prepositions and prepositional phrases to convey location, time, direction, or to provide details. (LA)
  • Use adjectives and adverbs effectively in writing. (LA)
  • Identify and correctly us modifiers. (LA)

Introducing the Lesson

Explain to your child that today the crew begins the long voyage to England. There are no islands in between, so they must be prepared to spend weeks together on the ocean.
Reading and Questions
Materials: The Wanderer by Sharon Creech
Read Chapters 23-30 in the book and then answer the following questions in complete sentences:
  1. Why do you think when people become adults they do not usually have the jobs they wanted when they were younger?
    Answers will vary.
  2. How did Cody and Sophie feel when it was time to take off for the long journey?
    Answers might include: excited, a little nervous, free, anxious.
  3. What happened to Uncle Stew?
    He lost his job.
  4. What did Uncle Mo and Stew fight about?
    Mo was upset with Stew for saying Cody was an idiot and that Brian was smarter than Cody.
  5. How is the environment inside a boat different from the environment in a home?
    It is hard to walk, cooking is hard because everything flies around, when you eat you can't let go of your plate so you can't drink at the same time, and you have to sleep with lots of noise and at odd hours.
Remember to fill out the "Character Timelines" sheet for these chapters.