Lesson 4: Grand Manan

Wrapping Up


Today you learned how predicate adjectives, direct objects and indirect objects can be used to expand sentences. Review the definitions and read the sentences that contain them from Activity 1.

Life Application

If you have a scrap exchange or an art museum with sculptures and pieces from scraps, take a field trip to one of the locations.

Questions to Discuss

  • Why do you think none of the uncles wants to tell the children what happened to Sophie's birthparents?
  • What do you think Bompie meant when he said, "It's not where you're going that's important -- it's how you get there."?
  • Do you think "it is better to know about the bad things in advance and worry about them" or "better not to know so you can enjoy yourself"?
  • Sophie tells Cody that they are wanderers on an amazing journey having new experiences. Have you ever felt like a "wanderer"? If so, when?

Things to Review

Review examples of predicate adjectives and direct and indirect objects within sentences. Ask your child to orally recite three sentences that contain these parts.

Special Notes

If you have a museum with artwork made from recycled materials, this is a great tie-in and a fun field trip.