Lesson 3: Juggling


Activity 1: Your Voice

Voice is what gives writing a personality and what distinguishes it from what others have written. Each writer has to discover his or her own voice and how to express it through writing. How do you show your personality through the written word? This is one of the most challenging parts to becoming a strong and effective writer, but it is also one of the most important.

In The Wanderer, the author gives Cody a unique voice and Sophie a unique voice. Close your eyes, open up a page anywhere in the story, and read a few lines. Can you figure out who is telling the story? Chances are you can because Cody and Sophie have very different personalities and very different writing styles.

On the page titled "Your Voice" you will find incomplete statements. Complete each statement in your own unique voice. It may be helpful to say each
statement out loud and pretend you are talking to your best friend. Then write it down as if it were you speaking the line.
Student Activity Page
Encourage your child to read to you the statements he completed. Discuss how his voice does or does not shine through in the writing.

Activity 2: Dolphin Beads

Materials: blue, gray, and black seed beads, fourteen 1 1/16" safety pins, one 2" safety pin
Follow the directions on the "Dolphin Beads" sheet to make a dolphin pin from beads. You can keep the pin or give it to someone special.

When you finish the activity, see if you can think of a pattern for a different animal using colored beads. Use the graph paper provided to code the pattern according to the color of the beads you will need in each row. Each row represents one small safety pin.
Student Activity Page
Student Activity Page
For this activity, your child will design a dolphin pin with beads. He can keep the pin or give it to someone special.

As an extension activity, your child use the graph paper provided to try to design his own patterns to create other animal pins.