Lesson 3: State History

Day 2

Activity 3: State History Timeline

Materials: glue, scissors
As you read about the history of your state, record important dates and events on the "State History Timeline" pages. Find out about settlers in your state — where they came from and how they arrived. Which side was your state on during the Civil War (if applicable)? Find important events that occurred in the recent history of your state, too.
Discuss the events your child chose to record on his timeline. Make suggestions for any important events he may have left off.

Activity 4: Commemorating a Historical Event

Materials: art materials for drawing or painting*, blank drawing paper*
Select one of the following options to commemorate a historical event in your state.
For this historical event commemoration activity, your child will select the option that most interests him.

Option 1

Artists throughout history have painted pictures of historical events. Create a painting or detailed drawing that depicts one of the events from your timeline.
Look over your child's drawing and ask him why he chose that specific event. What about it interests him?

Option 2

There are people around the country who reenact historical events for fun. They dress up and play the part of historical people. Reenact one of the events from your timeline. Choose characters and write a short script for the reenactment. Use the "Historical Reenactment" page to plan your reenactment.
Read your child's script and discuss how he chose to depict the historical event. What about that event interests him?

Activity 5: Time Machine

Materials: journal
Go back in time to a historical event that took place in your state. Write a journal entry about the event as if you had witnessed the even firsthand. Then return to the current year and record three effects that event had on your state, the country, your community, or your family.
Encourage your child to read his firsthand account of the event he observed when he went back in his time machine. Then ask him to describe the three ways the event has affected life in the future.