Lesson 3: State History

Wrapping Up


Each state in America has its own history. The history of a state shapes its traditions. Think about what makes your state's history unique and how it has a special place in the history of our country.

If you are using the "Timeline of American History", put the date when your state joined the United States on your timeline. You will find five cards that read "Important Historical Event in _____________" in the set of cards for the timeline. These are for historical events that occurred in your state and can be added to the "Timeline of American History." Record the event and a simple illustration for the event before adding them to your timeline.

Questions to Discuss

  • How has the history of our state shaped its culture and traditions?
  • How has our state changed since the arrival of the first settlers?
  • Which changes have been positive? Which changes have been negative?

Things to Review

Review some of the major events that have occurred in the history of your state. Discuss the positive and negative outcomes that have occurred because of population growth and advancements.