Lesson 3: State History

Getting Started

Over the next couple of days you will explore the history of your state. You will examine how people have modified the environment and how growth and development have changed life in your state.

Stuff You Need

  • "Timeline of American History"* (optional)
  • art materials for drawing or painting* (Activity 4 - Option 1)
  • blank drawing paper* (Activity 4 - Option 1)
  • books or websites about your state
  • glue
  • journal
  • scissors

* - denotes an optional material that may or may not be needed

Ideas to Think About

  • How was the Native American's relationship with the land different from that of the settlers?
  • How have people modified and adapted to the geography of a region?
  • How does the history of a state impact the culture of the state?

Things to Know

  • The year your state became a state.
  • Major events in the history of your state.
  • Native-American tribes that lived on the land that is now your state.


  • Trace the growth and development of your state. (SS)
  • Locate and describe American Indian tribes that lived in your state in the past or still live there today. (SS)
  • Assess changes in ways of living over time. (SS)
  • Identify important events associated with your state's history. (SS)

Introducing the Lesson

Explain to your child that today he will read about some important events that have occurred in the history of your state and will examine how people came to live there.
Reading and Questions
Materials: books or websites about your state
Locate books and websites with information about the history of your state. Answer the questions below.
  1. What year did your state become a state?
  2. What were three important historical events that occurred in your state? List the dates of each event.
  3. List the names of Native American Indian tribes that lived in your state.