Lesson 4: Report Writing

Getting Started

Nadia wrote a report about sea turtles, and today you will plan your own report. Think about what species of sea turtle you would like to learn about and start your research. Review the steps of the writing process:

The Writing Process
  • Pre-writing -- Organize your ideas based on the type of writing.
  • First Draft -- Write what comes to mind and don't worry about making it perfect.
  • Revising -- Read your draft and add, cut, or change ideas; share your writing with someone to get feedback.
  • Editing (proofreading) -- Carefully read through each line and correct grammar and misspelled words.
  • Final Draft/Publishing -- Write or type a final version.

Ideas to Think About

  • How do animals relate to their own species and other species?
  • What relationships exist between animals and their habitats?

Things to Know

  • The writing process includes prewriting, draft, revision, editing, and final copy.


  • Summarize and organize information by outlining ideas. (LA)
  • Use multiple sources to locate relevant information. (LA)
  • Produce research projects and reports. (LA)
  • Write to explain, describe, or report. (LA)

Introducing the Lesson

Review the writing process with your child. Explain that today she will practice report writing. Discuss the fact that report writing includes factual information on a researched topic.