Lesson 13: A New Home

Wrapping Up


Ask your child if he enjoyed the story of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Ask him to tell you about his favorite part of the story and to name and describe his favorite character.

Life Application

Materials: The Secret of NIMH or Ratatouille
Let your child compare the book with the movie based on the book called The Secret of NIMH. Let him discuss how the book and the movie are similar and different. Another idea is to compare the rats of NIMH to the rats in Disney's Ratatouille. Your child can think about how the rats and their experiences in this story are similar to and different from the rats of NIMH.

*Note: The Secret of NIMH is an intense movie and may not be appropriate if you have a sensitive child. Please preview the movie before letting your child watch it. If you do not believe it is appropriate, then show Disney's Ratatouille and let your child compare it with the book.