Lesson 6: Sundays and Two Big Bears


Activity 1: Life in the Woods vs. Life Today

On the "Life in the Big Woods vs. Life Today" page, your child can record one thing that she learned about how life in the woods was different than her own life today.

Activity 2: Least Favorite Day of the Week

Discuss the difference between fact and opinion. Explain that a fact is something that is true and is known to have happened or is known through observation. An opinion is a personal view, attitude, or idea that may not be agreed upon by others and cannot be proven. Read the following statements and ask your child to identify them as fact or opinion.
  • Blue is the best color in the world. (opinion)
  • Blue is a color. (fact)
  • Spaghetti is the most delicious food to have for dinner. (opinion)
  • Spaghetti is an Italian food dish. (fact)
  • I bought new shoes at the store. (fact)
  • I bought the coolest shoes in the entire store. (opinion)
Discuss why Sunday, in Laura's opinion, was the worst day of the week. Ask your child which day, in her opinion, is the worst day of the week. Then using the page, "Least Favorite Day of the Week," ask her to write a five-senses poem that helps describe what she does not like about that day. Share the following five-senses poem written from Laura's point of view. When your child finishes her poem, encourage her to read her poem aloud.

Sundays look like a blank page in a book.
Sundays sound like a fiddle with no strings.
Sundays taste like a sour apple on your tongue.
Sundays feel like being asked to sit in a corner all day.
Sundays smell like an apple pie that you can't touch.
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Activity 3: Bear Research

Let your child conduct research on bears. (A couple of web links are included.) Explain that the research is based on facts about bears. She can record the factual information about bears in the bear paw print on the "Bear Research" page as she collects the information.
Web Link
Web Link
Then she can write an acrostic poem using the word BEARS in her journal. Share the following example with her before she begins her poem. When she finishes her poem, encourage her to read it aloud.

Brown bears
Eat berries and nuts
Animalia kingdom
Role in mythology
Sleep through the winter

Note: If your child is interested, you should spend time researching the hibernation of bears. Contrary to popular belief, bears don't enter "true" hibernation but rather only enter into semi-hibernation that is more like a deep sleep.
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