Lesson 5: Christmas

Wrapping Up


Ask your child to give you examples of declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Then ask how the gifts Laura's family members shared on Christmas reflect the environment in which they lived.

Life Application

Discuss the Christmas gifts that were given in the book. Ask your child how the family's gifts were different from the gifts people receive today. Discuss the fact that some of the most special gifts are those that are made by someone else. Ask your child why a handmade gift is special.

Let your child create a homemade gift for a family member or friend. He should think about what type of gift he wants to make and for whom. Some ideas for gifts might include a painting, painted pottery, sewing/knitting something, woodwork, garden art, or any kind of craft.

Encourage your child to include a card with the gift that tells the recipient why he decided to make the gift for him or her.