Lesson 5: Christmas


Activity 1: Life in the Woods vs. Life Today

On the "Life in the Big Woods vs. Life Today" page, your child can record one thing that he learned about how life in the woods was different than his own life today.

Activity 2: Types of Sentences

Review the different types of sentences with your child: imperative, exclamatory, interrogative, and declarative.
  • Exclamatory sentences show strong emotion or excitement and ends in an exclamation point. (I love this!)
  • Interrogative sentences ask a question and end in a question mark. (Did you drink milk for lunch?)
  • Declarative sentences make a statement and end in a period. (The boy ran away from his older sister.)
  • Imperative sentences give a command. They usually end in a period but can end in an exclamation point. (Go close the door.)
Ask your child to give you an example of each type of sentence orally. Provide further examples of sentences that he is confused about. To finish this activity, he will use the "Types of Sentences" page to write two examples of each type of sentence related to the chapter he read today.
Student Activity Page

Activity 3: Christmas at My House

Materials: journal
For this writing activity, tell your child to pretend that he has been asked to write for a book about Christmas in different homes. Let him write three short paragraphs in his journal about Christmas at his home. (If your family does not celebrate Christmas, let your child write about a different important holiday.) Encourage him to use at least one example of each of the types of sentences from Activity 2.
Tell your child that each paragraph will have a main idea and some supporting ideas. For example, for the paragraph about food on Christmas, the supporting ideas might be examples or descriptions of different foods and when or how they are served. Tell your child that transitional words and phrases like "for example," "another," and "also" help one supporting idea flow smoothly to another.

Select one of the following options. This assignment should be focused on ideas and types of sentences. Your child will not edit his writing or do a final draft.

Option 1

Three paragraphs will use the following main ideas:
  • Paragraph 1 — Christmas traditions
  • Paragraph 2 — Food on Christmas
  • Paragraph 3 — Gifts on Christmas
For this option, give your child the graphic organizer page "Christmas at My House" (Option 1) to record his ideas for his three paragraphs. Then he can write the paragraphs in his journal.

Option 2

For this option, your child will decide the main idea for each paragraph related to Christmas at his house. He can record the main idea of each paragraph and surrounding details on the paragraph organizer "Christmas at My House" (Option 2). Then he can write the paragraphs in his journal.

Activity 4: A Christmas Food

Materials: ingredients for your child's favorite Christmas or holiday dish
Let your child select one of his favorite foods that your family eats during the Christmas season. Help him locate the ingredients and follow a recipe to make the dish. If your family does not celebrate Christmas, your child can select a food eaten on a holiday that is celebrated in your home.