Lesson 2: Electricity


Activity 1: Electricity to Your Home

Research the source of electricity for your home. You can do a search online for "electricity in [your town]" or ask a parent to help you find the website for your local utility company. Questions to consider:
  • Does your house have solar panels? If not, is it able to have solar panels?
  • How far away is the power plant that provides your electricity? Is there more than one power plant in your area?
  • How do the power plants in your area generate electricity? With windmills? Is it hydroelectric power? Is it generated in a nuclear plant? Or a combination of different ways?
  • Challenge: Does your family own a small generator that can make electricity when the power goes out? If so, what type of fuel does it use?
Next, find information that will help you learn more about your local power plant. You may be able to locate this information on your utility company's website or by doing a search on the name of the power plant near you. This will prepare you for your field trip.
Help your child locate information about electricity production in your area as well as the local power plant.