Lesson 7: Tools in My Environment

Getting Started

Questions to Explore

  • What is a safe and healthy environment?
  • What do homes provide for the people who live in them?

Facts and Definitions

  • A tool is something we use to help us and make it easier to do a task.
  • A ruler is a tool we use to measure how long something is.


  • Identify tools in the environment and how we use them (S)
  • Sort and classify objects by one attribute (M)
  • Measure objects (M)
  • Read and write numbers (M)


  • grocery sack
  • ruler (kit)
  • tape measure (kit)


Review the idea that the best environment for people and animals is one where they can live and grow. People also want to live in a home environment that will make life easier for them. Ask your child if she can think of anything that makes life easier for her or for you.

Ask your child to tell you what she needs to live and grow. Your child may say things like toys and books. If your child mentions things of this nature, ask her if she could live without them.

Remind your child we all MUST have food, some sort of shelter, and water. Clothing is also something that humans need. In addition, humans need to have other people whom they can care about and talk with.

Explain to your child that in our environment we have things that make life easier for us. Tools are objects found in our environment that make it easier for us to do everyday things. For example, a comb helps us fix our hair, and a fork helps us eat our dinner.